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Last Updated: June 6th, 2013


Increase Cum - Eat the Right Foods and Increase Cum Now!

increase cum, increase semen volume, increase sperm count with ginsengMen nowadays are getting more and more concerned about the quantity and quality of sperm they produce, and are always on the lookout for ways to increase cum. This may be related to the growing decline in male fertility, whereas the desire to start a family is continuously building up. Experts reveal a few interesting facts about foods that generally promote good sperm health and boost semen volume.

It is also worth noting that men not only want to increase cum for reasons of fertility. Bigger semen volume is known to produce more intense orgasms. The extra ejaculate or semen volume requires more contractions during release thus creating heightened sexual satisfaction during the act.

Foods known to enhance semen volume and viability are also considered to be beneficial to your general well-being. Specific examples of these foods can be found below. They can particularly increase cum and improve male fertility, among others.


Ginseng is a slow growing herb prized for its purported curative properties. It is known to improve blood circulation and aid faster recovery from weakness. Regular intake of ginseng also enables men to handle higher levels of stress on both an emotional and physical level. More importantly, it is especially useful for men suffering from low sperm count or semen volume and even erectile dysfunction.

Orange and Lime

Oranges and limes are a great source of Vitamin C. According to medical professionals, Vitamin C helps prevent abnormalities of sperm, thus improving the chances for fertility. They can also increase sperm rather significantly among other fruits.

Green Tea

Men suffering from low sperm count may try to increase cum by drinking green tea. Extracts from green tea are known to particularly increase sperm count, while preserving sperm motility and viability.

While all these foods offer great benefits for sperm health, it is also worth considering taking natural supplements to ensure maximum results. There are several highly recommended herbal semen volume pills designed to increase cum by as much as 5 times! You may opt to consult your trusted medical doctor about which one is suitable for you.

Author: Jim Johnson,


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penis herbal

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